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Library Subject Guides

These Subject Guides will help you find resources and services that are most relevant to your studies and will help you get the results you want. They have been created by CIT Library in collaboration with academic staff from relevant departments to ensure you have access to quality content. Use these guides as your first point of research to get the most out of what CIT Library has to offer you.



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Focus This Month

                                     Focus This Month on Referencing                             

 Go to our Referencing Homepage to access information & examples of the various Referencing Styles & Referencing FAQ's

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                                     Focus This Month on Tutotials                            

 Go to our Tutorials Homepage to access tutorials on our; Databases, eBooks, Subject Guides and our Library Resources

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                                     Focus This Month on Past Exam Papers& Module Descriptors                            

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                                     Focus This Month on Access Your eResources                            

 Go to our eResources Homepage to view Subject Specific material on eBooks, eJournals, Internet Resources & Video Tutorials

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                                     Focus This Month on Projects, Theses, PhD's                             

Thumbnail  Connect to all CIT Projects, Theses & PhD's from one page        Thumbnail  Projects Home    Thumbnail  Theses Home   Thumbnail  PhD's Home


Focus This Month on Tutorials

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                                 Focus This Month on CIT Library Databases                                

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