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The Library holds over 700 original copies of student Projects, Theses & PhD's. This material is a valuable source of information for both undergraduate & postgraduate level students. Please note that all Projects, Theses & PhD's are for reference only.

Projects / Theses / PhD's Information

CIT Library houses a number of past student projects, which are Reference Only.

These projects have been arranged into their relevant subject areas and additionally by author surnames (A - Z).

Reviewing previous projects can be of use to you in not only considering a project that you may wish to undertake yourself.

It will also provide you with an idea of the level of content previously submitted and also the referencing styles that have been used.

* Project Listings by subject area and year are available from this page.

When you have completed your Bachelor s degree you may wish to pursue a Master s degree. If you do an important issue for you will be deciding upon the Thesis that you wish to undertake.

In helping you to decide upon this this it is a good idea to have a look at previous theses, their titles and their subject areas. CIT Library houses hundreds of past theses and we have provided, for your quick and easy perusal, a breakdown of these works by qualification, year and author, A-Z.

All theses are considered to be reference material and as such you may look at them within the Library only. Theses are not lending items. Reviewing previous theses will help you gain an

understanding of the level of work expected from you as well the structure of the work, including the table of contents and referencing styles.

* Listings of all CIT Theses by subject area and year are available from this page.

A PhD, or ‘Doctorate or ‘Doctor of Philosophy , is a postgraduate degree involving three or more years of independent research on an original topic.

It confers the title ‘Doctor upon successful candidates and is the highest academic degree a student can achieve.

* Listings of all CIT PhD's by year are available from this page.

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