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Accountancy: Internet Resources

Internet Resources

Internet Resources

This page provides links to useful websites & video tutorials, as listed below. If there are links to useful websites, reports & documents, video tutorials or anything else that you think would be useful to this Subject Guide, please Thumbnail

Accountancy for Beginners 1

Debits and Credits / Assets = Liabilities + Equity

by CPA Strength    YouTube - 12.08.2015

Accountancy for Beginners 3

Journal Entries / Beginner Tips / Basics / Accounting Tutorial

by CPA Strength    YouTube - 14.08.2015

Accountancy for Beginners 2

Basics / Accounting Equation / Accounting Tutorial

by CPA Strength    YouTube - 13.08.2015

Accountancy for Beginners 4

Income Statement / Revenue - Expenses

by CPA Strength    YouTube - 17.08.2015

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